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Automated Steel Drum, Roll Operated. Plays a 24 Tune Steel Drum roll made by us or any O roll. Comes coin operated with a single quarter per play slot. There is the option to have a coin comparitor which will take any coin and that comes with an accumulator which is adjustable for 1 to 4 coins per play. There is also the option to add Percussion. The 7 instruments to be added are Bass Drum, Snare Drum, High and Low Bongo, Tambourine, Agogo Bell and Woodblock.
Below are a few YouTube videos of the SDr playing.
New Model- Notice that the Spool Frame is in the top.

Old style, notice the spool frame is in the bottom and the beaters move less.

Coin Operated Steel Drum(Pan)with rhythm instruments.

The SD-4001 roll is included on each machine and the songs are as follows:
1. A Pirates Life for Me 2. Bailame 3.Bambaleo 4. Besame Mucho 5. Calypso 6. Caribbean Sun 7. Caribbean Tim 8. Cheeseburger In Paradise 9. Come Monday 10. Deseo 11. Don't Pull Your Love oun On Me Baby 12. Hot Hot Hot 13. One Note Samba 14. Cundo 15. Rum and Coca Cola 16. Share Shake Senora 17. Soca 18. Sweat 19. The Lion Sleeps Tonight 20. Tocamd 21. Under the Sea 22. Volcano 23. We Be Jammin 24. Yellow Bird A Tune Card is included to place behind the glass.

The Ragtime Orchestrion, Hut, Baila Maria and MIDI Guitar and Banjo Song page

The Ragtime MIDI Bluegrass Unit (GJb) Song page

The Ragtime MIDI Guitar and Banjo Song page

Send $15 for our 64 page catalog. Make sure that you bookmark this page now and watch it for frequent uploads of our many other instruments (about 57 separate instruments to date!). Mail to Ragtime, 4218 Jessup Rd. Ceres, CA 95307 U.S.A.

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