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Unit Block -

All Modular system!

Easy assembly

Easy service!

Style D conversion Kit $3,950


Each D kit contains, assembled and ready to install:

1 roll of 10' of 3/8" supply tubing

68 pneumatic elbows

25 3/8" supply t's with caps for Elbows

Volume control, suction motor control

2 hour installation video with first order

1 contact installation tool with first order

1 "O" roll test roll with first order

66 action contacts

Convert any upright piano or ex-player piano into a player piano or nickelodeon! Easiest thing you'll ever do with a piano. With a little ingenuity convert spinets, Grand pianos, pump organs or ?

Specifications and notes

Single piano pneumatic size: 4.5" long, 1" wide and 1.25" high

66 note nickelodeon stack assembled size: 44" long, 5" deep and 4" high

Lowest working vacuum: 8" of water (Negative air)

Maximum working pressure: 28" water

105-120 volt AC 50 or 60 cycle

Both spoolframe and Suction motor are brush type and insensitive to cycles.

Total power 4 amps, power to spoolframe is transformed to 18 volts regulated DC and tempo adjustable

All kits and parts are in stock and ready to ship. Automated assembly is used for quality and price control when ever possible.

Fully patented systems

Nearly 1/2 million pneumatic units made by Ragtime since 1971.

Current ST kit installation time by factory trained personnel: 2 hours 46 minutes. No errors.

Extra instruments help customers justify trading in that old player piano or Steinway upright. Extra instruments provide you with greater profit.

Only basic tools needed for conversion. Screwdriver, electric drill with hole saw and hammer.

Complete instructional video comes with first order, along with a special con

66 assembled piano stack pneumatics

66 self tapping screws

66 one half inch stack connectors

1 "O" roll spool frame

1 space saving suction motor

1 whole instrument assembled wiring harness

1 roll of 250' of 5/32" tracker bar tubing

ST kit being installed

Note ease of stack and roll frame placement and that the drums and tambourine fit without any modification of the cabinet!


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