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A208 $1,800

ST kit Add on

Contains Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Tambourine, 25 cent coin op with Solid Brass Coin plate and Coin cup, extra tubing, screws and t's as needed. Everything to make a D kit into an ST kit.

A209 $2,250

GR Kit add On

Contains everything to make an ST kit into a GR kit. Has a 24 note metal Glockenspiel, 12" Rythym Cymbal with mounting bracket for on top of Glock, extra tubing, screws and T's as necessary.

A210 $800

H kit add on

Contains everything necessary to make a GR kit an H. Great for the first time kit installer. Perfect for making a D kit a little more interesting. Indian Woodblock and Triangle add percussion. RAM 3 brass player pedal kit makes installation of the spoolframe a snap. Porcelain light sockets and brackets add light behind your stained glass.


Our kits are fully assembled and ready for installation. We can install a D kit without special tools in less than 3 ours. Refinishing is the hardest part. The independently adjustable pneumatics adapt easily to most any piano or instrument. Some readily available supplies such as glue and PVC pipe and connectors are not included. If you are in a remote area we will supply them for you at a nominal charge.

You may start with a D kit and add extra instruments at any time. Most uprights will accommodate our kits without modification. The tubing of the stack is simple since all the notes are sequential. As for tools, a simple screwdriver, drill and scissors will suffice. The tubing is passed through holes that you drill with a spade bit between the keys at the action breaks in the keybed.

With our free of charge under the keyboard action contacts you can convert grands, spinets and pump organs. You must specify that you will need these if you do. The complete stack measures about 4 1/2" by 4 1/2" by 45" long.

If your piano has a wire capstan action please let us know upon ordering and we will include the special action contacts for them as well.


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