A108 $3,460

24 note Rosewood xylophone - reiterating, same price for MIDI or roll operated.

24 primary valves (#A163) must be used to work properly

A106 $2,200

143 Glockenspiel For Band Organs, add MIDI for $750

27 note E to A

A105 $2,250

24 note metal Glockenspiel

Normally shipped with no-bleed pneumatics to tee in with the solo register of the piano. Make it MIDI for $750 more.

A124 $2,375

A218 $200

Rosewood Castanets and Brackets with reiterating pneumatic

43 note pipe set (less valves)

D# to A


In order to insure correct sound generation and pitch stability Ragtime has developed it's special brass emulsion coated polymer Calliope pipes. These pipes are used exclusively in all our units. With a small coefficient of expansion you can rest assured the pipes will still be in tune when the temperature changes, unlike other, solid brass pipes that must be maintained at a constant temperature to control the pitch.

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