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A102 $3,800

Replacement Stack

Replaces old player piano and nickelodeon stacks where rebuilding is not practical. Will work great with our suction motor and most pedal pumps. Complete with Stack bar ends, stack connectors, screws, 85 pneumatics and 85 elbows.

A103 $3,200

Replacement Stack for Ragtime Pianos, 66 notes.

A125 $2,575 full set of 43 pneumatic pipe valves for a calliope or Band Organ

A125b $85 Single pneumatic pipe valve

Pipe chest with tubing guide and top plate

A200 $600 A201 $525

Makes Calliope construction a breeze. Just install pipes and valves and build some type of cabinet around it!

A117 $240

25 cent Coin op, soilid brass coin plate and coin cup.

A104 "O" roll frame $1,250

Complete with tracker bar, lock and cancel and ready to tube. Adjustable voltage regulator keeps your desired tempo constant with line fluctuation.

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