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A118 $580

Suction Motor with stack cutout. Round to save space. Silent and cool version $790.

A119 $640. Silent and Cool Version $790.

Pressure/vacuum motor

A162 $97.50

Pipe and Valve for Calliopes

A162 $97.50

Pipe and valve for Piano

A163 primary vlave $78

Great for operating multiple pneumatics at a distance.

A169 $85

Pressure relief Valve for pipes

A152a $290 A153 $260

5 pedals with back plate

Fancy Solid Brass

A165 $80

Reiterating pneumatic

A168 $90

Vacuum Relief

A151 $225 A152 $210 No back plate

3 pedals and plate

Fancy Solid Brass

A175 $126

Secondary instrument cut-out.

A164 and A166 $81

Striker pneumatic

A123 Lock and Cancel valve $125

A pneumatic relay. Turns pneumatics or vacume cutout on and off.

Warranty Information: We Warranty all our products with no questions asked replacement or repair of components for 90 days from purchase. Extended warranty coverage is available for all our Pianos and Band Organs for $250 per year. Free replacement or repair, no questions asked! In the event that you drop your instrument into a river (it's happened) we will still replace or repair all the player components without charge. Simply return the damaged components to us with a copy or your warranty receipt. Since our units are shipped all over the world, we cannot come to you but removal and replacement is simple. Usually less than 4 screws for any component. Mark the tubes accordingly.

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