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A160 $18

3/8 inch pneumatic supply tubing 10 ft.

A157 $225

5/32 inch tracker Bar Tubing 250 feet

A203 $15 net A202 $15 net

Super glue- special thick non shrinking and extra thin and debonder (Could be worth it's weight in gold at times!)

A154 $32

Brake (top or bottom of Ragtime Spool frames)

A180 $18

Hex drive dogs

A181 Spool Ends $25 per set

Roll manufacturers do not include these with their rolls, we do.

A155b $150

First order kit

A179 $9

Rewind Lever

A198 $15 each.

Spool frame spockets

A178 $130

Lower Clutch for spoolframe

A147 $180

"O" Roll tracker bar

A149 $140

Spool frame wiring harness

A155 $40

Pedal conversion Rod

A197 $12

Spool frame spinner

A155e $38

Spool frame spinner assembly

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