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A220 $2,500

Accordion conversion kit, less accordion. Contains 24 no bleed pneumatics, cut out valve (regulator), vacuum relief, and the necessary tubing, Ts and couplings. We recommend the student or ladies model accordion, it fits nicely in the bottom.

A221 $4,200

Player accordion, completely assembled and ready to tube. Add to a regular player piano or nickelodeon. Plays 24 notes on a fine used 41 note accordion, cut-out lock and cancel, vacuum relief and tubing included. Specify for piano or band organ. Band Organ model has 41 playing notes.

Our ever adaptable pneumatics-

A222 Dollar Bill Acceptor $600 net

Will stack up to 250 $1 bills. Operates all Ragtime machines with the relay and pneumatic switch included. Increase your revenues! More dollar bills are in wallets than quarters! Accepts dollars in any directon.

All Ragtime pneumatics contain their valve and bleed within the unit itself. Just simply mount the pneumatic unit to a piece of 1/2" steel rod and use it to strike or lift anything you wish within the limits of it's strength. We have provided you with a convenient 1/8" hole in the end of the bottom for beater rods or under keybed contacts. 3 holes in the side at various locations are there to mount a spring, a reiterator valve or just to hook them together for more strength.

We have provided a lint screen on the top of each valve hole. Their is also a rubber bumper that slides in the end of the bottom piece for quiet operation. A slip on elbow is included with each pneumatic to make tight right turns with the tubing without kinking it. You may leave off the elbow and come out straight if you wish.

A 7/16" hose will connect them to their vacuum source or each other. The 5/32" signal tube goes to the corresponding controller or tracker bar tube. You will love the simplicity of this patented device. Use it to operate robots or clocks. Use your imagination!

Other Options Available

A223 Reed holder $15 each

Holds all of our Small Reeds. Contain tuning stabilizer and fine tuning adjustment screw. Fits standard 3/4" PVC couplings. Resonator not included.

Ask about our Automated Jamaican Steel Drum 5 piece Combo! "Really cool maun."

Auto Soft Pedal $250

Auto Loud Pedal 250

Glock Cutout 250

Drum Expresion 250

Mute Switch 250

Manual Rewind 50

Mandolin Rail 250

Crash Cymbal add 50

Special Color Glass add 200

Custom Letters in Glass add 300ea

Custom pattern of glass add 400

Sea Shell add 200

Sunburst add 500

Custom Imprinted Catalogs 10ea. Minimum order 100 catalogs

Knocked down Band Organ cabinet deduct the following:

Model 42 $100

Model D42r 125

Model 143dg 250

Model 167 200

All Prices above are Net

Style ST Ragtime Nickelodeon player pianos

Contain two stained glass panels, lit from behind, Bass Drum with two timpani beaters, Snare Drum with tap and roll and a tambourine to accentuate the beat. A 10 tune automatically rewinding "O" roll frame is standard with volume control on all our pianos. The 25 cent coin op can be bypassed with a flip of the on off switch. Comes with one 15 tune roll.

Grade- #1 #2 #3 #4

Mahogany $10,500 $11,000 $14,500 $18,500

Walnut 11,000 12,000 15,500 19,500

Oak 11,000 13,000 16,000 18,500

ST Kit only


Installation $800

Style D Ragtime Nickelodeon player pianos

A beautiful stained glass panel improves the pre-war cabinet of the antique upright cabinet grand piano. An on off and volume control is provided for your convenience while the "O" roll spool frame will rewind to play up to fifteen tunes automatically. Each piano is painstakingly rebuilt and refinished to provide years of heirloom enjoyment.

D Kit only


Installation $700


Grade- #1 #2 #3 #4

Mahogany $10,000 $10,500 $14,000 $17,000

Walnut 10,500 12,500 15,500 19,000

Oak 12,500 13,500 17,000 20,500


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