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A192 $5 ea.

Pneumatic spring for Ragtime spring pneumatics

A146 $850 net

1200 watt, 12 volt to 110 volt AC inverter for battery operation. Great for parades.

A204 $2,500

44 note keyboard attachment for all Ragtime Calliopes and Band Organs

A150 $140

Wiring harness for Nickelodeons

A193 $870

Double Bass kit with 12 no Bleed pneumatics, 12 screws, 15' of 5/32" tubing, 5/32" ts, 12 elbows,12 stack connectors and 12 action contact nails

A155c $130

Upper clutch assembly with both one way bearings

A187 $15

Nail spinner for action contact installation

A205 $2,725

24 note calliope kit for nickelodeons and player pianos with valves. Specify bleed or no bleed. Upper register

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A210a $2,875

GRP add on kit contains your choice of either A205 or A206 pipes with valves, 60' of 3/32" Tubing, 10' of 3./8" Tubing, 24 pneumatic elbows, 24-5/32" Ts, 2-7/16" Ts and caps, 1 assembly video, 1 Pressure relief valve, 1 Vacuum relief valve, 1 Pressure Motor, and 1 motor clamp.

A206 $2,825

24 Note calliope kit- same as A205 but one octave lower than the solo register of the "O" roll system is.

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