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A107 $2,950, $3,950 for MIDI

24 note Glockenspiel for style 167

A101 $975

143dg Stained and Beveled Glass Set

A176 $875

Stained Glass Set only

A185 $2,290

D42r Add on Kit (Drums, Tambourine, Triangle, Cymbal and Brackets)

A211 $120

Piano Caster set. Double wheels with sockets and spacers

A130 $4,950

Stained glass set for Style Z

A212 $10

Caster spacers. Very useful

A194 $25

Replacement pipe for trainwhistle

A195 $45

Replacement pipe for Band Organ or Calliope

A213 $28 net

Band Organ Caster Set

A196 $25

Right hand carrier assembly for Ragtime and antique player piano spoolframes

A155h $15

Nickelodeon Conversion kit video

Band Organ assembly video

Band organ, nickelodeon, Calliope demonstration video

RAM 2 cabinet construction video

A161 $25 per square yard

Pneumatic cloth, thin for rebuilding antique player pianos.

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