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A122 $15

PVC couplings set for all nickelodeon conversion kits

A153 $66 each

RAM 2 collumn cap

A155g $210

Replacement motor for Ragtime spool frames, with sprockets attached.

A155d $25

One way bearing for spool Ragtime spool frame upper clutch.

A166 or A167 $81

Spring pneumatic for instruments

A155f $150

Soft of Loud pedal pneumatic with valve.

A159 .87 each

Supply tube T with cap to form an elbow

A120 $210 net

Calliope pipe voicing gauges and long screwdriver kit.

A121 $135

Full set of 43 calliope pipe stand offs

A158 .30

Small T for Tracker bar tubes

A155a $5

Beater bar and ball

A177 $50

4 valve block for instrument shutoff and manual soft pedal and rewind controls. Mounts beneath keybed. Will control lock and cancel, pneumatic, or vacuum cut outs.

A148 $95

Lower O roll take up spool for Ragtime spool frames. Will fit most older style Ragtime frames.

A191 $25

Replacement coin switch with wire attached

A188 $69

Coin cup, special design curves around hammers for spaced consideration.

A189 $30

Solid brass coin plate

A190 $240

Pneumatic Coin mechanism. 25 cents. Counts up to 4 selections

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