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A127 $900

Victorian Bench

A126 $750

RAM 2 Bench

The top lifts up for storage. Solid Oak, Walnut or Mahogany. Claw and glass ball feet. Looks great. American made by Ragtime.

A145 $60

An Epicylic contraption by Ragtime that rolls smoothly between two flat surfaces.

A215 $15 each

Light Socket and bracket for Kits, with screws.

A217 $229.95

Stadium Whistle directly above

Squeeze Handles for Steam Train Sound

A182 $199.95 and A183 $399.95

Se-1 and OE-3 pneumatic Train whistles. Produces a chillingly realistic steam whistle sound

A214a $66 per set

Grand or Spinet under keybed contacts.

A214 $66

Wire Action Pegs. 33 short ones for bottom pneumatic tier, 33 long ones for top. Rarely needed. Not included with kits.

A216 $82.50

Replacement Street Clock Motor

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