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Upright Piano Grading Guide

Stained glass pattern guide, Wood Grain guide and Ragtime Piano Style Guide

Grade 1 Cabinets

Plain in every aspect. Square Legs, usually tapered. Flat Sides, square edges. Relatively little moulding, simple and uncluttered. Some cabinets may be considered Mission period. Circa 1913 to 1927

Note: Some Special Name brands will elevate a cabinet one grade, some of them are: Bush and Gertz, Wing and Sons, B. Shoninger, Neuman, Beckwith, Cunningham, Crown, Chickering Bros. ( Not Chickering and Sons), Steinway, Cremona, Seeburg and Adam Schaff.

The Ragtime Style D has piano only

The Ragtime Style ST has Bass and Snare drums, Tambourine and coin op.

The Ragtime Style GR has Bass and Snare Drums, Tambourine, 24 note Glockenspiel, cymbal and coin op.

The Ragtime Style A has Accordion, Bass and Snare Drums, Tambourine, Triangle, Woodblock and coin op. Mahogany Style GR grade 1, Phoenix glass Price $12,500 Oak Style D grade 1 Flower Glass

Price $14,500 Walnut Style D Grade 1, Phoenix Glass with Coin op. added. Price - $11,500

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