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Grade 2 Cabinets

Nicely Styled Cabinet. Stylish or round legs, sometimes square and fluted. Moulding is often Stylish. Sometimes the piano side front edges are curved. the moulding around the lid or glass panel opening may have a tiny bit of carving. Always stylish, some Mission style pianos will fall into this and all other categories.

Oak Grade 2 ST with oval top glass, flower bottom $14,200

Oak Grade 2 GR with pipes, Custom Glass $18,375

Oak Grade 2 ST with Custom top glass, oval bottom $16,900

Walnut D with Coin op. One Piece Key cover $10,500

Walnut Grade 2 ST Sea Shell Glass $12,200

Walnut St, Sea Shell Top/Oval Bottom Price - $12,450

Last Update: 12/17/08
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