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Grade 4 Cabinet
All the good qualities of the grade 3 but more pronounced and often more extensive carving. Sometimes carved on all surfaces. A very rare cabinet, sometimes custom built by famous furniture makers such as Gustave Stickley for very wealthy clients. Only about one out of a thousand will be a grade 4. For this reason we make our own RAM 2 Solid Oak cabinet for the fortunate few. Antique grade 4 cabinets will sometimes have carved figures, lions, faces, cherubs, extensive flowers and even scenery. Quite often they were constructed of Mahogany but some times used even more rare and woods. Most were made during the "Gay 90's between 1890 and 1905.

Oak grade 4 custom glass, panelled sides, Beckwith Piano,
Price - $20,950
Very nice example of a Style D grade 4 in rosewood
Price - $24,900
Mahogany grade 4 Style DGR
Price $18,800

Note closeup to right. We have these available in Bronze, cast from the original.

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