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Trading Policy

All related items are of interest. Antique airplanes to accordions. Antique tractors, engines and steam power plants. Antique clocks, wood barber chairs and slot machines. What ever is interesting in a museum, we would be interested in trading. Just call or send photos. All offers welcome. Shipping will be arranged by us. Prices will be set fairly and invoiced accordingly.

Notes on our Kits

We have made space saving a must in designing all of our equipment without sacrificing quality. All 6 instruments will easily fit in any upright piano without modifying the case! You do not need to use plain Jane old player piano cases. Use the delightful antique uprights to convert!

Before beginning installation make sure all the necessary piano work is done, especially action work. If you wish to do the work your self, you may order repair books, parts and tools.

The "O" roll will have from 10 to 15 songs with automatic rewind an play standard. The scale is in the manual. The coin operated pianos are turned off at the end of each song unless you put a piece of tape over the coin trip hole. Then you can play 2 songs or more per quarter. If you put an extra hole in line with the coin trip hole you can force a 50 cent play or more. Using tape and holes you can have 3 songs for two quarters, etc.

The suction motor has two sides on an "O" roll unit, the primary side which has full vacuum at all times and the Secondary side which has regulated air and is turned off on rewind to prevent backwards playing. The primary air operated pneumatics required to function while the unit is in rewind such as the rewind pneumatic and rewind lock and cancel. The coin trip uses secondary air.

There is a third vacuum system as well. This is a cutout for secondary instruments such as the glockenspiel. It can be operated by a Lock and Cancel device which will turn it on and off as the roll requires it to.

You may use our vacuum cut outs to control instruments.

We also supply primary valves. They allow you to operate more than one instrument from a single tracker bar hole such as Piano and Glock or piano, Glock and pipes. They also allow the tubing to be much longer without interfering with the operation. The signal tube from the tracker bar operates the primary valve which in turn operates 2 or more other pneumatic devices.

Our Calliope pipes operate satisfactory without a pressure reservoir. However, some applications may exist.

Out units play fine without a vacuum reservoir, however some applications may exist as well. Such as when the piano is expected to play at very low volumes for extended times.

The "O" roll system has 88 holes plus play and rewind. With 66 playing notes you are left with 22 holes to operate various instruments and expression systems. The first 19 holes from left to right (not counting the large play hole) are for instrumentation. The #20 hole is the first playing note (E) which is the second E on the keyboard counting from left to right. #85 hole is the last playing note and the holes #86-#88 are for instruments. All holes from #20 to #85 are for piano notes.

If a more powerful bass is desired then we supply a double bass kit for 12 extra bass notes tubed to the last 12 regular pneumatics on the left.

The "O" roll system uses a solo register. This is the last 24 notes on the right. Holes #61 through #85. The arranger will place the melody within this section while the primary or secondary instruments are engaged. This is why a vacuum cut out is used on the Glock or pipes.

The "O" roll system uses a lock and cancel device. This device simply turns on when their is a momentary signal then waits for a momentary signal to turn it off. This eliminates the need for long perforations in the roll which may wear easily.

When two or more units are ordered simultaneously, you may want to inquire about wholesale. Just supply us with your business card and a copy of your business license, and we will forward you the wholesale price sheet.

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