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Ragtime Movie Demo Page - Excellent Mpeg files!

Good MIDI sites for free MIDI music

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Ragtime Movie Demo Page - Excellent Mpeg files!

  • Standard MIDI files on the net an excellent collection of MIDI sites, 6000 plus I think!
  • Home of Midi - only midi files worth downloading are at this site - an excellent collection of files for you to listen to.
  • The Classical Connection an excellent collection of Classical files for you to listen to.
  • Harmony Central: MIDI Tools and Resources - excellent resource. full documentation of the MIDI specification, guides to making a MIDI interface, links to development tools, keyboard specific resources and more.
  • MIDI Farm - hub for MIDI on the Web. Includes their own HTML newsletter.
  • MIDI Jazz Network - group of musicians dedicated to the creation of meaningful music through MIDI collaboration in cyberspace.
  • #Midi - Learn about the folks on #Midi and download files from the official #Midi Archive! Brought to you by MidiMan.
  • 1040 MIDI and Music BBS

  • Allan's MIDI and Internet Radio Page - music links, a midi library, and over 200 radio homepages with many internet radio links.
  • Andy's Midi Page - links to midi goodies, midi controller companies and products as well as actual midi files.
  • Best of MIDI - dedicated to the defenitions and standards of midi and of course, midi files.
  • Brent's MIDI

  • Century Midi Music Page - classical-style midi files by David Century and the midi FAQ.
  • Computer Karaoke - Karaoke on your computer
  • Contemporary Recorder, The - covers the use of the recorder in primary education, music by various artists, and a MIDI library.
  • Danīs MusicMakingStuff - links to many places related to MIDI and music. samples and information about MIDI.
  • Electric Factory - lots of files for Emagic, Ensoniq and Alesis.
  • ESound - Original MIDI Music - from AC.
  • Ginosoft Midi Software - multimedia editors available for download.
  • Gravis Ultrasound Internet Archives

  • Introduction to MIDI - wondering what MIDI is? Here you go.
  • Italian MIDI Page - To provide a minimum, up-to-date source of public domain software, on-line technical documentation, and similar stuff concerning MIDI and digital sound creation/editing.
  • Jon's MIDI Page

  • Kurf's Midi Page - numerous rock, alternative, and heavy metal midi files, zipped for easy download.
  • Led Zeppelin MIDI Page

  • Leone, Dave - cartoons and paintings and music in MIDI and IWAVE format.
  • Macintosh MIDI User's Guide

  • Macintosh MIDI User's Internet Guide

  • Midi Archive, The

  • Midi Business On-Line - source for midi files and information and resources related to the enjoyment and making of midi files.
  • MIDI Challenge - This cool page offers users the chance to compete against others by composing MIDI files. It also includes MIDI, S3M and MOD files to download!
  • MIDI Composers Page - music demos for TV, and film people; where composers can post their best work and sample other's work.
  • MIDI Drums and Percussion Sequencing - dedicated to sharing sequence ideas in MIDI music.
  • Midi File Contest - An online contest to find the Top 10 Midi files on the internet. Winners will have their files here and links to their home pages.
  • Midi Gate from PRS Corporation - Midi Gate is a Web browser helper application which launches MIDI applications.
  • MIDI Guitar - Info & resources for guitar synthesizers.
  • HI Eric, Try clicking here now! Midi JukeBox, The

  • MIDI Magic Studio - Music Recording Service and information + tip center for Songwriters and Music Artists providing competitive demos and album production.
  • MIDI Music for Worship - A resource page for people using MIDI Music for worship services with or without musicians.
  • Midi Music Page - In Korean.
  • MIDI Music Quiz - Come take a musical challenge. Download famous Movie/TV themes, then try and guess what they are. Keep a copy for yourself if you like.
  • MIDI Page [digiface.nl] - mirror of the only hardware projects page in the Netherlands. DIY for MIDI fans. a good technical reference for hardware.
  • Midi Page Portugal - traditional Portuguese music in mifile format.
  • MIDI Sample Dump Standard

  • MIDI Shop, The - files and links.
  • MIDI Station - lots of MIDI-links, MIDI-files, MIDI-info. Special focus on Roland Sound-Canvas Users, GM/GS Specs, and SMF areas.
  • MIDI Tips for Webmeisters - explains the realities of embedding MIDI files in a web page.
  • MIDI Utilities - MIDI file format parser, MIDI file knowledge database.
  • MIDI Warehouse - MIDI files are sorted into categories and all in .ZIP format for faster download.
  • MidiWeb - This site contains huge resources for the MIDI community.
  • MuSIG Home - Founded in 1987 at Stanford University and based in Palo Alto, California, MuSIG is the Special Interest Group for Music - a network of people helping one another learn about computers and music: MIDI, hardware, software, education, performance, and
  • Mystery MIDI - come enter this week's Mystery MIDI contest.
  • Next Page, The - chords and lyrics for songs you cant find in the larger archives. Lisa Loeb, Lisa Ekdahl, Live, The Beatles.
  • Oot MIDI

  • Pianocorder to MIDI Project - Description of a project to digitally convert Pianocorder tapes into MIDI files.
  • Quickware - cyberspace MIDI music shop with a downloadable catalogue of over 3000 MIDI music and entertainment products, plus links.
  • Rich's Midi Studio - original patches, midifiles, work samples, more.
  • Hymms from Rob Rob Getman's Midi Music Page

  • Robert Graham's Midi Muzik Mania - music, audio recording, video, music theory and related topics. Also links to select recording studios and music gear manufacturers.
  • Shawn's Massive Midi Page - collection of MIDI files, playable right from the page, indexed by type, filename and new listing. Updated a couple times a week.
  • Soulwind: The Rhythm Net - MIDI music site supporting Crescendo plug-in.
  • Steve Allen's Musical Homeboy Page - Dedicated to exchange of original MIDI music and ideas. Also contains information about the Athens, Georgia music scene.
  • tempo tracks in MIDI sequencers - A critical review of the use of tempo tracks in MIDI sequencers in the form of a fictitious story based on real facts.
  • TidBITS Guide to MIDI and the Macintosh

  • Twin Cities MIDI - MIDI-users contact list, providing names and URL's of other MIDI users on the internet, as well as a special Macintosh MIDI section.
  • Ultimate MIDI Page - includes explanatory information about midi as well as an extensive index of other midi sites.
  • FAQ - GUS midi FAQ - Gravis UltraSound midi music

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