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    MIDI - (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) allows a computer to interface with a synthesizer or in this case accoustic instruments. We have two basic MIDI valves. Both are actually MIDI motors and are simply built on the principal that a current flowing through a wire produces a magnetic field which is polar. By aligning the north pole of the magnet valve to the north pole of the iron cored coil we can lift the valve by simply applying current to the coil. When there is no current the magnet valve is attracted to the iron core and closes. This sets up a fail safe system.

    MIDI valve M125 - Perfect for the player piano, nickelodeon or band organ that uses standard 1/8" I.D. rubber tubing. No cumbersome box/conversion to take up space. Simply snip the tracker bar tube and insert the "T" of this miniature inline valve. Works on 12 volts at 120 ohms or 100 ma when in use continuously. Each hookup is solderless, allowing quick changing of wires in the event of a desired change. On Ragtime products, the M-125 plugs directly into the port provided on the top of each pneumatic. Works will all Ragtime products made since 1982! Smaller than a nickle.

    MIDI valve M375 - Designed for either a direct pipe operating valve or a pressure controling valve for large book organs. Notice the brass voicing screw in the top of the valve. For large book organs simply construct a chest full of holes like a waffle. Insert valves and wire using our solderless connectors. Place "Ts" in line to represent the tracker bar holes. Each valve will handle up to 22 inches of water pressure, which is more than enough. The inside diameter of the valve is .375 inches. An adaptor is easily constructed from metal tubing to fit any size pressure tubing up to 1 inch. The valve consists of a male end on the input side and a female end on the output side. Each end is made to fit standard 3/4" PVC sprinkler pipe tubing which is readily available. It has a tapered fit so that glue is unecessary. Simply attach a 3/4" plug with the proper nipple inserted for your application. We can do this for you if you are not equipped to do it. For direct pipe playing applications simply construct a valve chest (a box) and drill holes to accommodate the valves in the location that fits your applicaton. To accommodate various foot sizes of pipes simply cut a 1" long piece of 3/4" PVC pipe and glue it on the end of the pipe and fill it with hot glue around the nipple. Each M375 pipe valve is voiceable by simply lifting the pipe and turning the voicing screw on the inside. For production purposes, record the back pressure under each note above the valve when properly voiced and repeat the back pressures for each note. The valve is latched closed when off by the permanent magnet within. Does not interfiere with normal playing. Simply stop the book or roll between songs and use the MIDI!

    M375v - This valve is the same as the M375 with one giant exception. It is proportionally variable! In our infinitely expressing street organ it fuctions as a variable volume pipe valve. This allows our pipes to express each note individually in relation to the velocity/volume of each recorded note. Our calliope (piccolo) pipes change very little when the pressure is changed, the loudness changes instead. Other pipes will produce a key change when the pressure is altered. This can produce tremolo effects in each individual pipe by taking advantage of the tremolo function of our processor board.

    UM128 - 128 key output MIDI signal processor. Change is nonvolatile. MIDI out/in and MIDI through ports. Solder strip to ribbon cable connection board included.

    Complete Kits:

    128MIDI kit - Contains UM128 processor, 88 miniature MIDI valves, 88 T's to connect inline, 1,000 feet of #25 gauge wire, 8 ribbon cables to connect, four 40 post terminal strips, directions, video. With 128 output/inputs you can convert almost any player/reproducing piano or vacuum pneumatic band organ to MIDI. Does not interfere with the roll playing aspects. The M125 MIDI valves plug into the port provided on top of our pneumatics, or use the T's provided for antique systems. Will snap into all Ragtime products made since 1982.

    1A superb MIDI data filer 12 volt MIDI playback and record unit. Easy to use, just scroll through the selections. 1 line display. Automatically repeats without hesitating. Record up to 39 songs per 3 1/2 inch floppy disc. One MIDI cable, one floppy disc. Reads Format 0 and Format 1.

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