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    Acoustic MIDI instruments

    Acoustic MIDI Orchestral Instruments (Page 1)

    Price each, MIDI readyIncluded InGeneral MIDI noteInstrument or Item (Ready to Setup)Weather?Speical notes
    $199035Acoustic Bass Drum 24Weather Resistant
    1,78535Acoustic BassDrum 22Weather resistant
    975Z35Acoustic Bass Drum Double Sided 12Indoor Only
    69035Acoustic Bass Drum 18Indoor OnlyIndoor Only
    590GR,ST35Acoustic Bass Drum 18Weather ResistantIndoor Only
    190Z-536Bass Drum 1 (to be used with any of the aboveWeather resistantThick Shell, 12
    190Z-2337Side Stick, strikes the side of a snare drumWeather resistant
    98538Acoustic Snare Drum 14Weather resistant
    85538Acoustic Snare Rock Band QualityWeather Resistant
    735Z-538Acoustic Snare 12Indoor Only
    490ST, GR38Acoustic Snare 12Weather Resistant
    37539Hand Clap
    190Z-2340Electric SnareWeather Resistant
    127541Low Fllor Tom (Rock Band quality, 16Weather Resistant
    19041Low tom (Use Beater on bass Drum to substituteWeather resistant (WR)
    190Z42Closed High Hat Cymbal(Using #55 Splash Cymbal)WR
    92543High Floor Tom (16WR
    19043High Floor tom (Using Bass Drum as sub.WR
    59544Pedal High Hat CymbalWR
    190Z2344Pedal High hat (using #55 Splash cymbal)WR
    77545Low tom (13WR
    325LD45Low tom (Using 10WR
    190Z2346Open High Hat (Using #44 above)WR
    190Z2346Open High Hat (Using #55)WR
    72547Low mid-Tom (Using 12WR
    525LD47Low mid-Tom (Using 8WR

    Acoustic MIDI Orchestral Instruments (page 2)

    Price Each, MIDI readyIncluded InMIDI NoteMIDI instrument or item (Ready to Setup)Weather?Special Note
    $52548Hi MID-Tom (Using a 12Weatjer resistant (WR)
    325LD48Hi Mid-Tom - Using a 8WR
    49549Crash Cymbal (Using a 16WR
    190Z-2349Crash Cymbal using the #55 Spash to save spaceWR
    74050High tom (Using a 12WR
    325LD50High Tom (Using a 6WR
    72551Ride Cymbal (Using a 20WR
    190Z51Ride Cymbal (using a beater on #55 Splash)WR
    475Z52Chinese Cymbal ((12WR
    19052Chinese Cymbal unising #55 Cymbal to save spaceWR
    19053Ride Bell using # Ride #51 aboveWR
    575Z55Splash Cymbal (using 12WR
    39055Splash Cymbal (iess expensive version)WR
    190Z57Crash Cymbal (using # 49 or # 55) (using # 55WR
    190Z59Ride cymbal (using # 51 0r #55)WR
    42560Hi Bongo (Fiberglass)WR
    190L60Hi Bongo (using hi conga # 63)WR
    39561Low bongo (fiberglass)WR
    190L61Low bongo (using low conga # 64)WR
    1365L62Mute High Conga (using fiberglass 10WR
    19062Mute High Cong using high bongoWR
    190L63Open high conga using # 62 aboveWR
    19063Open high conga using high bongo # 60WR
    1365L64Low Conga (Using fiber glass 11WR
    19064Low conga using low bongo # 61WR

    Acoustic MIDI Orchestral Instruments (Page 3)

    Price each, MIDI readyIncluded in-MIDI noteMIDI Instrumentweather ?Special Notes
    $675L65High Timbale (24WR
    42565High Timbale Using 6WR
    675L66Low Timbale (using 15WR
    42566Low Timbale (using 8WR
    375L67High AgogoWR
    375L68Low AgogoWR
    19571Short WhistleWR
    19572Long whistleWR
    37573Short GuiroWR
    37574Long GuiroWR
    29576High WioodblockWR
    29577Low WoodblockWR
    87578Mute CuicaWR
    87579Open CuicaWR
    29580Mute triangleWR
    29581Oopen triangleWR
    16,900Z28-105rebuilt 5677" high cabinet"
    14,95028-105New piano, 4877" high cabinet"
    29,50028-1056 ft. grand piano, new
    25,70028-1055 foot grand, rebuilt
    12,95028-105New piano, 48
    10,90028-105Rebuilt Upright, 56
    8,50028-10556open frame"
    5,65053-93Professional Accordion, working belows
    4,79053-93Student grade accordion, working bellows
    3,95079-105Glockenspiel, marching quality
    2,95082-105Glockenspiel, 24 note

    Acoustic MIDI Orchestral Instruments (Page 4)

    Price each, MIDI readyIncluded in -MIDI noteMIDI instrumentWeatherSpecial Notes
    5,950Z56-93Pipes, Flute, clarinet and picolloWR
    3,460SD-XY70-93Rosewood Marimba
    35,00034-89Steel Drum Band - 10 drumsWR
    5,550SD-XY60-89Steel Drum - Tenor Lead panWR
    4,750SD-XYSloid Oak Cabinet
    2,400SD-XYWood Chassis for indoor use
    2,750Steel Chassis for outdoor use
    195Crating of pianos and Chassis mounted units
    375Coin operation on any unit
    550Commercial Midi Sequencer/hardriveup to 10,000 song storage!
    550128 note signal processor
    10% of cost per year. Plus transportationExtended Warrantee
    7% of cost per year, you supply laborTechnical Service via phone
    20% of costInstalled and readyFrame mounting, setup
    9% of cost, you supply laborTech support for installation and setup
    5Song ArrangementsPrice per song arrangementYou supply sheet music

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