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Ragtime Movie Demo Page - Excellent Mpeg files!

This is our RAM 2 style cabinet with 42 instruments! All the percussion, steel drum, accordion, glockenspiel, actual piano and one rank of pipes. 6 cymbals produce 10 voices. Excellent! Price? $129,950. DVD available

Click Here for the above playing Dayo in stereo 1.4 mb - 66 seconds

Click Here for the Z-42 playing Mission Impossible 386 kb - mono - 60 second

Click Here for Putting on the Ritz 517 kb - 60 seconds - mono

Click Here for a clip of "Africa" 405 KB - mono

This is our LB-47 - Little Bertha style cabinet. This is a Master Piece. They are installed in Hotels, Private homes and Casinos around the world. This wonderful machine contains 24 note Marching Bells, 38 Flute pipes, 25 note Accordion, 34 percussion and Rhythm instruments including High and Low Conga drums, C melody pan Steel Drum, Bass and Snare drum, High and low Bongos, High and Low Agogo Bells, High and low woodblocks, cowbell, high and low Timbales, Triangle, Cabasa, Maraca, Tambourine and various Cymbals. The sound is incredible. Play from any MIDI player and omes with the Ragtime Kyosk program to install on your PC or laptop. 60 song arrangements included, thousands more available as well as custom arranging. The unit is almost 7 feet high 6 feet wide and 30 inches deep. Great for Beach a side Resort.
Price - $99,950.
15" touch screen Kyosk with Karaoke display and Coin operation or dollar acceptor is available for an extra charge.
We also make an Actual Piano that slides into the back to complete the combo for an additional $15,000

Last Update: 8/16/11

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