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Below are a few clips of the following songs played on Ragtime Automated Music Equipment. Each clip is about 30 seconds long or about 600KB. The suffix following each title is a list of the instruments being played. Everything is played on by our pneumatic system and recorded here in the showroom. e-mail us for a list of Audio CDs- containing the full length songs in various instrument combinations. Great Listening! If you need to know, Windows 98 second edition plays mp3 files without any setup. A- Accordion B- Bass Guitar C- Calliope (Flute) pipes D- Drums (up to 47 of them) G- Guitar (Steel String acoustic) J- Banjo K- Glockenspiel (Bells, metal xylophone) N- Nylon Guitar P- Piano S- Steel Drums W- Salsa Whistle
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    "Baby Face" - G

    "Blue Monk" - G

    "Boom Boom" - ABCDGPS

    "Bye Bye Blackbird" - G

    "Cuban Pete" - ABCDGPS

    "Dark Town Strutters Ball - ABCDKP

    "Don't it Make my Brown eyes Blue" - G

    "Down and Out" - DG

    "Dueling Banjos" -GJ

    "Earls Breakdown" - BGJ

    "El Noy de La Mare" - G

    "Endless Summer" - G

    "Engine Engine number 9" - BGJ

    "Flight of the Bumble Bee" - G

    "Here Comes the Sun" - BG

    "Kingston Town" - ACDKPS

    "La Que Sea" - G

    "Mission Impossible" - ABCDGJPS

    "Ole Joe Clark" - BGJ

    "Oye Como Va" - BGJ

    "Phantom of the Opera" - ABCGJ Blue Grass Style!

    "Redwing" - ABGJ

    "Roses from the South" - ACDKP Traditional Band Organ music!

    "Sally Goodin" - ABGJ

    "Samba Pa Ti" - ABCDGKPS

    "Scatter the Mud" - CDGP Great Irish tune

    "St. James Infirmary" - G Blues at it's best

    "Stack O' Lee" J Great Banjo Solo blues

    "When the Saints go Marching In" - ABCDKP

    "When you Wish upon a Star" - ABCDKP

    "Zoot Suit Riot" - ABCDGKPS

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