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Dale Earnhardt Jr. elected to purchase the GJb automated guitar and banjo unit accompanied by one of our antique upright pianos converted to MIDI. Here are some interesting videos of them playing in his private salloon:

Dirk Lorenz posing in front of his Classic BGJ-15 that he has owned since about 1994. Still plays great and is proudly displayed in his Depot Diner. He sells tickets and takes cargo for the ACE train. It is a working Railroad depot and cafe. Stop by and have a sandwich sometime. It is located at 37260 Freemont Blvd. in Freemont, California. His website is and his webcam is if you care to log in.

Ocean Park in Dalian, China on the Yellow Sea has a Safari Hut in the lower level arcade behind their Sea World Dolphin Show. This is a video of it being assembled before the park was open.

Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota has a GJb in an alcove between stores. Stop in and see it if your up there. Here is a video of two workers taking a break.

This collection started with one of our GJb automated guitar and banjo units then the customer added our T41-AM. Later the T-38Cm was added and the the B. Shoninger MIDI grade 4 Piano was purchased. Notice the nice views of the Pacific ocean and waves below. Take a look at these videos:

This collection started with an autmated accordion only. Then he decided later to add the guitar and banjo, so we moved things around and it worked, while we were at it we added a 12 note metal xylophone (Glockenspiel). Almost a year later he added the pipes and finally the T30-Mm MIDI Marimba which we placed on top. Listen to these videos of it in his fireplace room.

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