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MIDI valve installaton and Processor Hookup

Here is a photo of how the plus and minus power is attached to the processor and terminal strips. Please note that there are no wires hooked to the processor board. It gets it's power and ground directly from the 40 pin ribbon cables and they get it from the terminal strips. All power connections are made on the terminal strips. All the signals are negative therefore the ground wire or common is positive. Please note that the positive common is connected from one terminal strip to the other on the pin next to the very first pin and labeled pin B on the left hand side of each terminal strip. The negative wire is hooked to the first or the last pin and is labled pin C on each end. You do not have to connect all the pin Cs but you do have to connect at least one pin C to the next terminal strip and also connect the pin Bs together on each terminal strip as shown in the photo. The processor will run 5 volts DC to 35 volts DC. Ragtime products run on 13.8 volts DC (12 volt regulated power supply). Also, Ragtime products utilize a capacitor across the 12 volt DC side of the power supply to hold the start signal on for a few seconds and keep the signal smooth. The relay has a low voltage side and a high voltage side. Be sure to connect if properly, the capacitor is marked positive and negative, attach positive to positive and negative to negative.
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